Welcome to G.H.S GUZANG

Government High School Guzang is located in Batibo Sub-Division in Momo Division. It is a Co-Educational institution in it's ninth year since creation.  The mission of G.H.S Guzang is to collaboratively work with all stakeholders to foster and sustain an emotionally and physically safe, orderly, and productive learning environment which engages students in rigorous curriculum and learning experiences that focus on developing strong literacy, critical thinking, problem solving, and technological skills. 

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Comprehension is at the centre of reading beacuse  reading is a process that requires the use of complex thought processes to interpret printed symbols as meaningful units and comprehend them as a thought unit in order to understand a printed message. Reading by itself is a total integrative process that starts with the reader and includes the affective, perceptual, and cognitive domains. The role of the libraries in promoting reading is especially crucial in developing scientific, reflective thinking and creativity. Librarians can help children and youths develop critical and independent thinking through their exposure to a wide variety of instructional resources and learning opportunities. Apart from the development of creative and critical thought, the role of the library in the promotion of reading culture can be seen in the readers’ development of values, attitudes, and appreciation. These are difficult to teach in the classrooms. In the process of encouraging or inculcating the reading habit in children and youth, stakeholders (parents, teachers, schools, librarians and other library staff) should avoid nagging, bribing, judging, criticizing reading choices, and setting unreasonable goals.Government High School Guzang has a poorly organised school library with outdated and old books, no internet access, no modern books or computers, no maps. no reading tables or chairs and lack of librarians.

 Improved Funding: Fund is crucial to the development of education and libraries.  Therefore, the  government has to improve its funding of the education sector, by increasing funds allocated to schools. This would affects provision of school library services. Funds should be earmarked for establishing, equipping and maintenance of libraries. Sufficient fund should be provided to acquire adequate, current and relevant library materials – books, magazines, charts, transparencies; photographic slides, and computer instructional packages. 

Hundreds of  school children are failing to study science to a high standard after being turned off the subject by poor teachers and lack of science laboratory at Government High School Guzang is making it extremely difficult for students to study science. This among other reasons explains the reported low enrolment and consistent poor performance in Physics, Biology, Chemistry, and human biology in G.C.E exams. The reason for the negative attitude of the students towards the subject which impacts their performance may not be unconnected with the teaching style adopted by the Teachers which often times is rote learning and memorization of formulas as opposed to the more effective practical, hands-on approach. This ineffective approach is often blamed on the paucity of instructional materials. The negative trend spells doom for our National Development as Science is said to be the bedrock of Scientific and Technological development of any Nation

Community Support Project

Guzang Development Association (GUDA) is dedicated to fostering education, health welfare and development of Guzang communities and its members around the world.

Our most recent projects include but not limited the following:

  • Water Supply - the rehabilitation of a 40-year Water Supply system.
  • Education
    • Government Secondary School (GSS) Construction
    • The Guzang Public Library Construction
  • Health - the rehabilitation of the Guzang Health Center.
  • Rural Electrification - to provide electricity to the entire Guzang village.
  • Road Network - to connect other neighboring villages and towns.

We count on your support; our friends, relatives and well wishers world-wide to help sponsor some of these projects. Just as recent as April 27, 2010; 

H.E Janet E. Garvey, the U.S Ambassador to Cameroon visited the Guzang village to provide huge support for the rehabilitation of Water Supply. This assistance was very much appreciated by Guzang elements at home and abroad. 


G.H.S Guzang is plaqued with massive Challenges that need immediate solutions namely:


The teaching staff of only Eighteen (18) Teachers is grossly inadequate. The school is dire need of 22 more teachers. Some mahor subjects like Mathematic, Human Biology do not have a single teacher. The bulk of the work is done by the P.T.A employed teachers who are not professional and also lack of training. The output of these P.T.A terachers leaves much to be desired due to their inexperienced in teaching. 


Education infrastructure includes, suitable spaces to learn.  This is one of the most basic elements necessary to ensure access to education. School classrooms are the most common place in which structured learning takes place with groups of children.  While learning also takes place in a variety of different types of spaces - tents, temporary shelters, plastic sheeting, shade of trees, places of worship, people’s homes, and so on—families and communities expect formal education to take place in classrooms that have been designed for safety and comfort.

Some of the attributes of inadequate infrastructure are:

  • Lack of sufficient space for a specialised room.
  • lack of Sufficient space for 30-40 children per classroom, to permit efficient use of teachers. Facilities may be inadequate in many ways, including being over-crowded classrooms that are dangerous for students.
  • Five More classrooms will alleviate overcrowding, cut class sizes and reduce long travel distances.
  • Lack of adequate separate sanitary facilities for boys and girls and for staff and lacking water for hygiene. The health implications of inadequate toilets and sanitation are very serious.
  • Increasingly lack of electricity and Internet connectivity.
  • lack of Administrative block and offices for essential personnel like the principal,vice principal, secretary, Discipline and senior discipline masters and the bursars.
  •  lack of Medical officer or school nurse to care for the 650 students total population.

3. INSTRUCTIONAL MATERIALS: Lack of Instructional materials to enhance the teaching/learning process by exhibiting information necessary to acquire knowledge and skills. The acquisition of basic vocational knowledge, skills and attitudes to facilitate occupational efficiency requires skill oriented teaching and learning activities. Over the years, the poor performance of students in public examinations like G.C.E O/A levels has been blamed on the wrong choice of teaching methods by teachers. Teaching and learning activities have a lot to do with other variables, such as instructional materials, school environment variables, students factors and so on.

4. EQUIPMENT: The school lack basic shool equipment like photocopier, a printer, two office computers, a computer pool with about fifty (50) computers as the lack of these equipment makes teaching very difficult for the teachers and administrative staff.

5. ADMINISTRACTIVE STAFF SHORTAGES: There are massive duty post vacancies in the domain of bursar, Discipline masters, secretaries, school nurses, science laboratory attendants and night watch.



1 The present enrolment of (650) students calls for 22 more teachers who should be posted to the immediately to come and salvage the precarious situation.

2. Government should do all to build at least five (5) new classrooms to decongest form one, two and three.

3. Government should build offices for the principal, vice principals, bursar, discipline masters and school nurses.

4. Government should build school auditorium.

5. The government should provide enough computers about 50 computers for the student's practical work and two for the office for general use.

6. The government should provide specialized rooms as there is none up to this moment.