Welcome to G.T.T.T.C MBENGWI

G.T.T.T.C Mbengwi College is is co-educational day school located Mbengwi the headquarter of Momo Division, Only one cycle is authorised to operate at the school which comprises of the following specialties namely:  1.COMMERCIAL: This section deals with Accounting and secretarial studies.  2. INDUSTRIAL FEMININE: This section deals home economics, building construction and electricity. 3. INDUSTRIAL MASCULINE: This section deals with Mechanical Maintenance, 4. Plumbing and woodwork. the objectives prescribed for this institution cannot be met without the inter-action of local stake-holders. In this regard, focus will be made on the organs concerned.

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Administration and Management

A model library like G.T.T.T.C is well staffed and well managed.  That includes having trained librarians who are customer-service oriented and systems that support the diverse interests and needs of the community. A model library has the following management systems in place:

  • The library develops and manages an inventory of books that represent the needs of the population served. For example, the library should have a good collection of fiction and storybooks to engage young readers, sufficient reference and textbooks for students to do homework and find answers to questions that peak their curiosity, resources on vocational or home issues, and books on local, national and international interests.

  • The library’s book collection is inventoried and cataloged in a regularly updated database and systems are in place to track books borrowed and returned, as well as numbers and characteristics of users.

  • Librarians do regular planning, evaluation and monitoring so that the library has sufficient information to improve its services, implement new programs and improve management of these activities

  • The library’s human and material resources are managed to provide its patrons the best possible access to its services. For example, the library has established regular hours with sufficient staffing, provides open book stacks to enable browsing and discovery and offers programs and activities to the community

  • The library has created an adequate budget that allows it to manage its resources and programs. The library actively develops its own sources of funding and volunteer support.

  • The library uses appropriate technology such as 40 computers, photocopiers, printers, 21 tables,60 good chairs and 4 shelves, that help the library best serve the community.

  • Library personnel like Ngwa Michael Fusi are trained to assist patrons who visit the library for personal or academic reasons and can provide orientation to visitors about how the library runs, its rules and its services and programs.

  • The details management items are 10 new books acquire in 2015, 2063 total number of volumes available,10 volumes of books donated, reading time table available, and inventory register available..



The G.T.T.T.C computer lab has a floor space of 1,165 ft2. It houses 40 computers for students to use to do homework and to access the Internet. The computers are loaded with all the teaching software packages that the Department has so that the students can use them at all times. The lab is open all day long and a work-study student is on duty to provide computer assistance. The built-in overhead data projector can be used by the instructor while the students use the computers that are there. There are no science laboratories. 


The home economics workshop is operating in a tiny improvised small room since there was no available room for home economics. There is, however urgent need to construct a special home economics lab so that all the home economics workshop will be done in this lab. So far, the home economics has 10 good gas cookers, 3 freezers, 12 gas bottles, and 3 deep freezers.


G.T.T.T.C Mbengwi is facing a good number of problems but the most urgent are stated below. The college requires fifteen ( 15) new classrooms, three workshops to be constructed and the old structures renovated. The need to construct and equip a science laboratory together with a multi-media center is urgent. More importantly, is the posting of qualified and experienced teachers to fill the vacuums in some subject areas. It is propsed that application for the students of the institution to be included on the annual meritrious academic scholarship pay roll be considered as this will inject competitive academic spirit that will improve on the quality of results. The lasting solutions to the above problems will go a long way to improve output qualitatively and quantitatively. In all there are 31 female and 26 male members making a total of 57 staff members for the entire G.T.T.T.C Mbengwi. It is also shameful that the teachers grade 1 are still on staff list, inspite of their gross incompetenc to deliver the goods in an establishment of this nature.