WELCOME TO SAINT BENEDICTS COMPREHENSIVE COLLEGE (SABECC) WIDIKUM                                                                                                                                                                             Saint Benedicts Comprehensive College widikum is a co-educational institution under the Bamenda Arch Diocese and is run by the Marist Brothers whose vocation is to ensure the proper welfare and proper upbringing of the youths. With the efforts of the teachers, we have been producing tremendous results. We are as such inviting the general public to send their children to Saint Joseph and give them this holistic education that will make them responsible people in society. We offer Commercial and General Education in the First and Second Cycles and with this multiplicity of disciplines I think the school is quite mature and we are calling on students from other schools to come and discover Saint Joseph. We call on parents all over Cameroon to come and discover Saint Joseph.

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The SABECC Widikum school library complements the school by encouraging private study,which is required by students and teachers who want to attain an academic height. The school library thus, stands as a symbol for the truthful expression of man’s knowledge and experiences.The extent to which many students will be creative,informed,knowledgeable and exhibit the trait of a well cultured individual within their own years will be shaped by the boundaries of the content of the library resources available within the support of the SABECC Widikum school.The school on its own cannot achieve the laudable goals of better education without the library          

 Objectives of School Library

School library serves intended purposes,which are aimed at academic excellence.Oguntimehin and Adeyemi (2004) gave the following as the purpose/objective of the school library:

  • Support the teaching programme of the school
  • Guide students on the choice of relevant materials for study
  • Provision of material resources to enhance academic growth and development
  • Assist the students to develop skills in the use of books and libraries
  • Acquire the relevant books and non-book materials to meet the requirement of the school curriculum.



In SABECC Widikum, Science differs from other disciplines by its processes that are observation, classification, measurement, conjecture, problem identification, collection, analysis and interpretation of information, drawing conclusion, experimentation etc. Studies have proven that students’ performance in science is not encouraging because of inadequate assets that has made the learning and teaching of science very difficult. This has constituted to a significant reason for SABECC Widikum students underachievement. The inadequate assets include labs, science equipment, and lab assistants for use as teaching helps due to recognized shortage of qualified and quality instructors. These insufficient laboratory equipment and facilities, poor motivated teaching methods, shortage of appropriate Physics books, chemistry books ,biology books, lack of modern science equipment, microscope and chemicals is what SABECC Widikum need to make science students achieve better understanding of the science subjects.

Community Support Project

A school’s commitment like SABECC Widikum to community service can quickly and dramatically change public perception. Creating meaningful partnerships begins with creating the mindset among faculty, staff and students that the school needs to support the community as much as the community needs to support the school. Once a community realizes that a school wants to help the area succeed, many past transgressions can be forgiven. In addition, tying the students to the community in a proactive manner encourages alumni to raise their own families in the area.

In certain locations, safety and student discipline concerns trump all other parental considerations. That being said, it would be a rare school that could claim greater student safety than its neighbors without exceeding their output in other areas as well. Safety within a school may have an impact on enrollment, but generally in a negative sense. Students who do not feel safe will often choose not to attend a particular school and if moving is not an option, then not attending any school may be the response from an adolescent. High mobility rates and low graduation rates not only deter a school’s effort to attract students, but also may lead to students’ voluntarily leaving or avoiding attending the school.


The Widikum Road Problem is solved




Education infrastructure includes, suitable spaces to learn.  This is one of the most basic elements necessary to ensure access to education. School classrooms are the most common place in which structured learning takes place with groups of students. Parents or communities expect formal education to take place in classrooms that have been designed for safety and comfort.

Some of the attributes of adequate infrastructure are:

  • Sufficient space for the school library equipped with great resource books, maps and magazines to be used by students, teachers.
  • Sufficient space for 25-30 students per classroom, to permit efficient use of teachers
  • Construction methods that ensure the safety of students in school, suited to natural hazards of the region and 
  • Adequate separate sanitary facilities for boys and girls and for staff
  • Increasingly, electricity and Internet connectivity.
  • Security fence round the school
  • Road maintenance leading to the school by Municipal Authority.