Welcome to S.J.C.C.C MBENGWI


  Saint Joseph's Comprehensive College ( SJCCC) Mbengwi is a boarding co-educational and denominational school belonging to the Archdiocese of Bamenda. The College offers the following; Ordinary level grammar( Arts and Science) Ordinary level Technical (Commercial), Advanced level Grammar( Atrs and science) and Advanced level Technical( Commercial).SJCCC procesion  Saint Joseph’s Catholic Comprehensive College is one of the best performing G,C,E O/A LEVELS Colleges in the country that is well managed and run by the Marist Brothers whose vocation is to ensure the proper welfare and proper upbringing of the youths. With the efforts of the teachers, we have been producing tremendous results. We are as such inviting the general public to send their children to Saint Joseph and give them this holistic education that will make them responsible people in society. We offer Commercial and General Education in the First and Second Cycles and with this multiplicity of disciplines I think the school is quite mature and we are calling on students from other schools to come and discover Saint Joseph. We call on parents all over Cameroon to come and discover Saint Joseph.

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S.J.C.C.C Mbengwi school library has 3000 total number of textbooks available right now for students and teachers in all subjects with English language the most dominant of all the subjects.  Students and teachers are allow to borrow books for home reading and research work especially home work assistant for students. 

 - In 2015-2016, the total number of books borrowed by students was 300 books and the total number of books borrowed by the teachers was 33 books. 

- Most books were borrowed in English language subject. 

- The college library is also equipped with tables, chairs, daily supervision, few computers for quiet reading activities and an inventory register available during school library hours.



There four existing science laboratories namely Biology Lab, CheMISTRY Lab, Physics Lab and Food and Nutrition laboratories respectively. All four laboratories are well equipped and operating at excellent conditionsSJCCC Biology lab

Community Support Project

I am Cyprian Kudi Montwa, the Secretary of the PTA of SJCCC, Mbengwi. I am equally a Biology tutor in the same institution. The PTA of Saint Joseph is about 16 years old as the school itself.The Executives were elected by the annual assembly in an Annual General Meeting and since then several executive members have been renewed.  I think that the PTA has been contributing enormously to the welfare and the smooth running of the school. I think I should seize this opportunity to go down the memory lane to outline some achievements by the PTA. We have had one of the most substantial contributions of the PTA in the form of the following:

  1. A thirty seat bus that was bought for the colossal sum of FCFA 40.000.000.
  2. We have other annual projects and we provided incentives to teachers to motivate them and in this way improve upon the end of course results.
  3. We’ve actually assisted the Science and the Food and Nutrition Laboratory, equipped them and furnished them with chemicals so that they can run smoothly.
  4.  In addition, the PTA has procured a school band for animation that will equally help to advertise the school to the general public. Students find it interesting because it helps them to develop skills in music.
  5. The PTA has equally initiated farm projects such as the cultivation of plantains that will improve on the quality and quantity of food for students. In fact the list is quite long. You can see that the PTA of Saint Joseph’s Catholic Comprehensive College is actually working hand in hand with the Administration and the Proprietor of the School to improve on the teaching and learning of the college.
  6. construction of staff housing so that more teachers especially Administrative Staff will stay on campus and improve on discipline and undoubtedly will improve upon the results qualitatively and quantitatively at the end of course examinations.


S.J.C.C.C Bengali is facing major infrastructure and security problems that require urgent and  immediate attention. These challenges include:

1.INFRASTRUCTURE: The college needs an administrative block,Campus staff houses, college chapel, more classrooms and school library.

2. SHORTAGE OF TEACHERS: Some teachers of both science and commercial departments are still very difficult to get.

3. MORE DISCIPLINE MASTERS: Recalcitrant students are increasing every year and creating some many problems in the school. The present generation of students are becoming very stubborn, disrespectful, lukewarm attitude towards studies and restless. Even though     the college administration and entire staff are doing everything in their capacity to maintain high level of discipline in the college. There is great need of more discipline masters to handle this growing number of stubborn and recalcitrant students.

4. CAMPUS SAFETY:Protecting the college is incredibly complex and tragically imperfect. As the college administrator look to enhance access control for both the students, staff and visitors, it is important they understand the primary purposes of a secured main entrance to the college against famous intruders like Boko harem militants. In the simplest of terms, the purposes are prevention and mitigation. A secure entrance can prevent unauthorized entry by presenting a more positive security image. When prevention fails, the entrance should mitigate an intruder’s ability to enter the school. The following security measures that are needed immediately are:                                                                                                                                     - Perimeter fencing of the entire college campus to deter trespass and limit access to non-primary entrances since Fencing will encourage entry via highly visible and well-monitored areas, 

Single point of entry: For a point of entry to be regulated, no unauthorized person should pass through without drawing the attention of those responsible for the safety of the building. 

- Strong visitor management program: Regulating access to a school requires sound visitor management procedures. At a minimum, visitors should not be able to enter the school without registering at the main office. This should require proof of identification; the issuance of a visitor badge and visitors should be escorted. Visitor management programs should include prominent signage on all college entrances, visitor parking areas and even parking lot entrances.