Welcome to P.H.S MBENGWI

This great school that is owned and run by the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon (PCC) is located in Mbengwi town which is the capital of Momo division.The proprietor of the school is the moderator of the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon. It is fully boarding Coeducational instutition. The school is about 20km away from Bamneda town.

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 P.H.S has set up a solid library in the school campus so that the students can have access to books, to knowledge, to language and that will lead to better education, higher dreams, better opportunities and a growing away from the poverty that entraps them.  The library is stocked with 5050 periodicals, news papers and magazines.  There are also wall charts, reference books and maps for both the students of P.H.S and P.T.T.C Mbengwi. The library has plenty of chairs, stools, tables for students.


Presbyterian High School Mbengwi has both chemistry and biology laboratories that are well stocked with great chemicals, test tubes, microscopes, apparatus, chairs, tables,and charts.

Community Support Project


Growing concerns over safety in Cameroon schools due to Boko Harem have led P.H.S Mbengwi P.T.A to consider the implementation of new, more stringent security measures. The use of fencing to bolster campus security behind the boys dormitory often as part of broader safety plans  has become a key issue in discussions of school safety in that:

1.  Properly selected fencing presents several safety advantages. In particular, appropriate fencing supports the security‐enhancing principles of the Crime Prevention through Environmental Design framework by:

  •            Designating the school grounds as a well‐defined, carefully maintained space that deserves respect
  •            Enabling surveillance by school staff and law enforcement
  •            Limiting access to areas that are not highly visible
  •            Restricting entry and exit points to a few easily monitored areas

2.  Fencing material should not be easy to vandalize, cut, or climb; ornamental fences, such as wrought iron, are considered to be the best in these cases.

  • High quality ornamental fences are also low‐maintenance, which saves money over the years.
  • While chain‐link is often the most economical option, it is easy to climb and vandalize. 


There is need for the extension of refectory and the construction of modern specialised rooms for food and nutrition,Biology, chemistry, physics labs respectively. These rooms need to be equipped to enable science students effectively carry out their science practicals.