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This great institution is found in Ngie Sub-Division in Momo Division of North West Region of Cameroon. It is situated in Andek town, the capital of Ngie Sub-Division.

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It is really a matter of great distress that, the GHS Andek- Ngie book shelves are covered with dust and the books are also in a very bad condition. Most of the books which are required by the school, are either unavailable or have very few copies, insufficient for the students. Even the text books are not available, thus depriving economically weaker students from getting assistance. Sufficient seating and proper reading facilities are also absent because the school library is sharing the same space with the Vice principal office. It is extremely shameful and disappointing to this great institution with approximately 300 or more students for both the first and second cylces combined not to have a school library. The school administrator has brought the attention of the government and the Ngie cultural and development association to the above problems, but nothing has been done so far. They are asking for help from any soucrce to look into the matter and take the necessary steps to make the library useful for students.


The science laboratory at GHS Andek - Ngie is underfunded and does not have modern equipment and chemicals for science experiments. There are fewer or no tables, desks, chairs, test tubes and need renovation and serious repairs. With increasing number of students and high demand for science students, the school science laborary is operating at a very minimum standard which is not enough. More help is needed to build and fully equip existing science laboratory to standard. 

A growing challenge

The concern is that as data output grows, effective data organization is only going to get more difficult. And if data continue to be managed poorly, then science will ultimately suffer. At best, experiments will be hard to replicate and findings called into question. At worst, papers will be retracted and student's careers impacted

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EDUCATION:There are three categories of former educational institutions in the Andek Council area. The first category is made up of primary school totally 24 has a pupil enrollment of at least 2500. Three of the schools are run by churches. Every one of the 19 villages has a primary school which gives the Council area an acceptable literacy rate

Two Classrooms at GS Gen-MbohTwo Modern Classrooms at GS Abangong By BIPModern Toilet at SAR- SM donated by BIPsch

There are seven first cycle post primary institutions as well as two high schools. One first cycle institution and one second cycle one offer technical education while the rest offer grammar.There are two vocational training centers which offer two year courses of vocational studies to  boys and girls as well as men and women.


For effective teaching and learning, well equipped laboratories and subject rooms are needed but the truth is that GHS Andek-Ngie lack these essential facilities like school library, classrooms, poor science laboratory that does not possess the basic tools or equipment as microscopes, dissecting instruments and specimens. Also, they do not have “special trained government teachers for teaching such basic subjects as history, geography, literature, mathematics, philosphy, sports, counselling, economics,and computer science. In such a situation as this, the teachers cannot put in their best and the students, too, cannot derive maximum benefit from the instruction being given. The classroom accommodation is grossly inadequate.the and usually overcrowded, with up to seventy or more students receiving instructions in classrooms designed for only thirty or, thirty five students. In most cases, the chairs and desks are not enough, you see students sharing chairs, standing up, or sitting on windows or broken desks.