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Government High School Oshie was transformed from G.S.S. Oshie in the 2014/2015 school year. The school is located in Oshie Njikwa Sub-division in Momo Division, North West Region of Cameroon. The school formerly known as G.S.S Oshie was transformed into High School in August 2011 by Prime ministerial decree No. 2011/2043/PM of August 5, 2011. A decision of His Excellency the Minister of Secondary Education No.307/11/MINESEC/CAD of August 23, 2011 authorized the school to go operational for the 2011/2012 school year. The Pioneer Principal formerly Principal of Ex-G.S.S. Oshie was appointed by the Decision of the Minister of Secondary Education of August 26, 2011. The High school section started with Lower Sixth Arts.

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Sadly, the lack of access to school library books is a cruel blow to the GHS Oshie students who don’t have access to library for research to do school work and other assignments. Even the best English teacher can’t provide the books that college-bound students need if they are to write a high-quality paper.  Libraries also provide safe or quiet haven for large students  who can't afford to buy textbooks . Best of all, a library is a place where students who cannot live without books can sit quietly and do what they love best. From hours of reading come all sorts of ideas, inventions and movement.



 High schools impede teachers’ and administrators’ ongoing learning about science instruction and the implementation of quality laboratory experiences. Improving high school science teachers’ capacity to lead laboratory experiences effectively is critical to advancing the educational goals of these science students. Sadly,  the absent of science laboratory at GHS Oshie and the poor quality of laboratory experiences of most high school students today results partly from the challenges that laboratory teaching and learning pose to school administrators in building a science laboratory. 

Community Support Project


The Oshie cultural and development association has put forward a number of developmental projects in their 2016 to 2017 calendar year coming very soon.


Education is the key to transformation, equality and employment. G.H.S Oshie disadvantaged strudents are however often deprived of this very basic right to education as the school lack the basic infrastructure to provide its learners with a safe and appropriate environment conducive to learning. This school has insufficient infrastructure and equipment and are often overcrowded..GHS Oshie  is facing several problems namely late registration of studens, payment of the PTA fees, massive shortage of teachers in core subjects, lack of institutional materials for learning and teaching, Lack of school Library, Lack of science laboratory, Lack of electricity and Lack of sporting infrastructure and equipment, Lack of sport instructor for physical education, Lack of discipline masters and Lack of computer laboratory and teacher,