Welcome to G.B.H.S MBENGWI

                          WELCOME TO G.B.H.S MBENGWI.  

       Government Bilingual High School Mbengwi, is situated in the town of Mbengwi, in Mbengwi sub-division of Momo Division. The post office box number of the institution is 1908.Mbengwi and the telephone number is 237 33 34 02. It is a secondary General institution running both the Anglophone and Fracophone Sub-system of education. GBHS Mbengwi is the biggest secondary school and high school in Mbengwi, headquarters of Momo Division, Cameroon. It is located in mile 17 and has both boarding and day school sections. Students come from all over Cameroon to attend GBHS Mbengwi. It was among the first government high schools in Cameroon. Until 1996, GBHS Mbengwi was GHS Mbengwi. The name changed to GBHS in the late 1990s when a French-speaking section was added to the school.

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GBHS Mbengwi school library need renovation and supply of more books. It is poorly staff and does not have enough computers, textbooks to handle large student population. It has few computers that are not connected online for students to use. 


GBHS Mbengwi has a well equip science laboratory for both the first cycle and second cycle respectively but need renovation and supply of more modern equipment since the old ones are outdated. The science building itself need renovation to present standard. There is a great deal of more checmicals,tables, chairs, and microscopes needed for the science laboratory. 

Community Support Project

GBHS Mbengwi has serious infractructure and staffing problems in which the PTA and the school council  have made serious and sacrifices in recruiting quards, drivers, secretaries and in some cases recruits PTA teachers to fill in some of the most urgent positions created by essential personnel on retirement. 


 G.B.H.S Mbengwi is plagued with infrastructure problems that need immediate renovation to bring them to safety standard. Renovations create opportunities to provide more secure learning environments. Renovating G.B.H.S Mbengwi  increases the opportunities for students to receive the recommended daily 60 minutes of physical activity, by walking or biking to school, and by using the athletic facilities or playgrounds after hours.  Regular physical activity for students has been found to be beneficial to student's health by building healthy bones and muscles, controlling weight, improving self-image, and fostering healthy social and emotional development.