Welcome to P.H.S BATIBO


P.H.S Batibo is located in Guka Batibo sub-division, Momo division of the North West Region of Cameroon. The school is both a Secondary and High school, it’s divided into the first cycle and the second cycle. At the first cycle (Form 1 to Form 5) where the students study general subjects and at the second cycle (lower sixth to upper sixth) where students study either Arts or sciences.   P.H.S Batibo is a mixed sex school which offers boarding facilities. 90% of the teachers stay on campus in houses provided to them by the school.The school is owned by the Presbyterian Church in Camroon (P.C.C) and it’s controlled by the Presbyterian Education Authority (P.E.A). 

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P.H.S Batibo’s school library has a great collection books, housed in separate areas within the spacious and beautiful room setting, with the objective to "collect every textbook both old and new in order to build up a comprehensive library collection for the students and by doing so providing the nucleus of a strong library. Indeed, the books are both old and new and in varying degrees of condition. Also in this room are reading tables, maps, charts, and magazines for the students. 


P.H.S Batibo state of the art science laboratory is equipped with the latest lap apparatus, science tool kits, plenty of tables, chairs, chemicals to enable students perform all kinds of experiments.

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The purpose of renovating Presbyterian High Batibo school buildings and classrooms, and procuring material and equipment is to improve reception facilities for students and upgrade the quality of education. However, the considerable increase in the number of students has led to very high occupancy rates and overuse of the infrastructures, resulting in a advanced state of disrepair of buildings and equipment. This situation is made worse in part due to the poor state of toilet facilities with  water closets, bathrooms, water scarecity because of over-use, the toilets are all out of order. In general, classrooms are over-crowded, and there are between 90 and 100 students in a classroom. In some classrooms the desks are arranged in such a way that students are squeezed in four or fives to a desk, resulting in an advanced state of degradation of school furniture.


Poor physical infrastructure and paucity of teachers continue to mar the performance of Presbyterian high school Baitbo  basic school infrastructure in many areas. Most of the school infrastructures lack basic standards such as adequate classrooms, overcrowded dormitories,  proper ventilations, safety floors, roofing, toilet facilities with broken toilets, faulty stall doors and a dearth of used toilet papers on the floors, dirty bathrooms, bad water, crumbling school building with paints peeling off, as well as lack of modern fencing to provide security for both students and equipment.