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G.S.S Bome is a Secondary General Government School. The school offers courses in general education as defined by the text of creation. It is a co-educational system functioning as a day school. The school is situated in Mbengwi Central Subdivision of Momo Division. It is precisely found to the South West of Mbengwi town, some nine kilometers along the Acha-Ngie road through the Mbengwi Monastery. It is a state owned institution operating as a day school in it's seventh year of functioning. So far, the institution has one building which contain two classrooms, one incomplete building of two classrooms and a staff block. The school land which has been demarcated by the planting of pillars  is only 1.1ha too small to accommodate the basic facilities of the school.

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The school library is integral to the teaching and learning process. The school library facilitates the work of the classroom teacher and ensures each student has equitable access to resources, irrespective of home opportunities or constraints. While the role of the school library remains constant, its design, digital platform, strategies and tools change as pedagogy and technology changes.School library programs and services seek to:

  • Create and develop motivating, flexible physical and digital learning spaces.
  • Run independent learning programs, which integrate information resources and technologies.
  • Equip students with the skills necessary to succeed in a constantly changing technological, social and economic environment.
  • Collaborate with classroom teachers to plan, implement and evaluate inquiry-based programs that will ensure students acquire skills to collect, critically analyse and organise information, problem-solve and communicate their findings.
  • Provide and promote quality fiction to develop and sustain in students the habit and enjoyment of reading for pleasure and to enrich students' intellectual, aesthetic, cultural and emotional growth.
  • Cater for differences in learning and teaching styles through the provision of, and equality of access to, a wide range of curriculum resources - fiction and non-fiction, digital, print, audio and video.
  • Provide teachers with access to relevant curriculum information and professional development materials within and outside the school; and opportunities to cooperatively plan, implement and evaluate learning programs.                                                                                                       When schools like G.S.S Bome does not have a school library, students do not have after school homework help, games and book clubs. So before you find yourself “stuck” while helping with a science project or prepping for a math quiz, students of G.S.S. Bome are face with a very difficult task of not having a school library that will enable them get homework help, read books, use computers and build reading groups with other students.


In fact the lack of science facilities in many secondary and high schools would be forcing students, especially in G.S.S Bome, to abandon any dreams of studying science because Science laboratory facilitates the conducting of practical works in science education which plays a vital role in developing scientific knowledge and enhancing scientific skills, attitude and inquiry based learning. Science students learn by performing concrete activities, by comparing experimental data to a model, and by designing an investigation. Students learn manual skills like fine movements, precisions & care and the acquisition of specific techniques through science practical work. The practical work is also a tool to teach students how to design and conduct an experiment in order to solve a scientific problem.


Community Support Project

Education in Bomeland: This column will focus on education, specifically formal, in Bomeland. It will document the categories and number of schools as well as contact information. BADA-USA prides itself in encouraging literacy in Bomeland. One of the very first projects that brought the Bome sons and daughters in the USA together was the improvement of the Government Secondary School Bome that was created in the 2008/2009 academic year with not infrastructure. To date, BADA USA has contributed towards the sustenance of GSS Bome in the following way:

  1. Supported students who have demonstrated academic success financially
  2. Built toilets for students and staff.
  3. Built a protective save for GCE testing materials, which made GSS a GCE testing center
  4. Provided opportunities for sporting activities for students during the summer through inter village competitions.

Detailed information on these various activities supported by BADA-USA will be posted on the Education column in the webpage. It is important to note that the first batch of students into GSS Bome graduated last year with a mediocre performance in the GCE Ordinary level. We are eagerly awaiting news on the performance of the second batch of students’ in this year’s GCE.

It is also important to document the different schools in the Bome region. This information will include the type of school, the number of students and faculty, the needs of the school, and students’ performance (first school leaving certificate and GCE Ordinary level results). This set of information is vital in assessing and prioritizing the educational needs in Bomeland.

Any information about education (formal and informal) in Bomeland will be appreciated and should be sent to me (cmateh1@juno.com) for revision and posting on the BADA website. For example, which villages have nursery/primary/post-secondary schools? Send any information and/or pictures of any school in Bomeland that you are aware of.



G.S.S Bome is saddled with inadequate teachers in many core subjects like Geography, Mathematics, English, French, Economics, Chemistry, Physics and Literature. Some of these students struggle to go to school only to meet empty structures without teachers. In some instances, pupils turned to teachers in lower classes. The school is also suffering from huge infrastructure problems like poor classroom structures, lack of chairs, tables, benches, textbooks, school library, lack  teaching materials, Computer and science laboratories, Lack of good toilet facilities, Lack of physical education teacher and sporting equipment. Lack of administrative block. All of these challenges can be eliminated by greater funding from the government, community leaders, business people and cultural and developmental associations from Bome.