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CAMEROON G.C.E 2016 COMPLETE ORDINARY LEVEL RESULTS Cameroon – GCE 2016: Complete General Ordinary Level Results Centre No: 11001 Buea External Regist: 469, Sat for 2 or more Subjects: 469, Passed: 197, % Passed: 42, Sanctioned: 0 Results of Successful Candidates (In Order of Merit) Passed in 5 Subjects: 2 (1) NDIKE ROSELYNDA REX ENOW (11). (2) MBAMENE MOKI MELIKI (11). Passed in 4 Subjects: 16 (1) GEMUH MAGDALENE NGWE (11). (2) MOKENYU RODNEY NGWESSE (11). (3) KUM CLETUS NGUM (10). (4) LEMFON PAMELA NDAW (9). (5) LOBE INDAM ORENGE TELMA (9). (6) TAMFU CARINE CHECHE (8). (7) LEKE EMMANUELA NCHONG (8). (8) SEFERINE AGIE DAWOH (8). (9) BESONG KINGSLY AGBOR (7). (10) MASSA BLESSING MANKA’A (6). (11) NEGBOR MELVIS AYAH-MBI (6). (12) BIME JOAN MARY (6). (13) NJIKANG TERENCE METUGE (5). (14) NVOCK REBECCA NJONKUM (5). (15) SIDONIE NZELLE (5). (16) KALLA LIMUNGA BLANCHE (4).
Higher Education minister refutes allegations of non-integration of ENS graduates The Minister of Higher Education, Prof Jacques Fame Ndongo has dismissed rumours that graduates of the six higher teachers' training colleges in the country will not be immediately integrated into the Public Service. Minister Fame Ndongo explained that the information circulating was misleading and false.
2015 GCE RESULT PUBLISHED. The Cameroon General Certification Examination-GCE Board has released the results of last June 2015 session. According to the published statistics, GCE Ordinary Level recorded a better performance scoring 44.93% as compared to 34.41% recorded in 2014 session. On the other hand, the GCE Advanced Level, dropped from 63.98 per cent success down to 60.41 per cent this year. 12 schools scored a 100% in A Level while 17 scored a 100%.
Controversy over PTA reorientation:Are reforms on a collision course with teachers? Early this year, the Minister for Secondary Education, Louis Bapes Bapes, signed a text redefining the structure and functioning of the PTA. The text spells out conditions for membership and the various actors and facilitators who will ensure the "smooth" running of PTAs in Government secondary establishments. Curiously, teachers have been left out.
PTA Teachers Hustling With Recruitment Files Grade One Parent Teacher Association, PTA, teachers in the South West Region are now in frenzy, files in hand as the move from one office to another. This is as a result of a new recruitment recently launched by the Ministry of Basic Education, MINEDUB, for 2016 after this year's exercise that sparked off much controversy.
Japan constructs over 1500 Primary school's classrooms in Cameroon The Japanese government, through the Japan International Cooperation Agency, JICA, constructed 1,533 classrooms and 152 latrine blocks worth FCFA 57.6 billion in 122 Government Primary Schools in all 10 regions of the country between 1997 and 2014. A breakdown of the school assistance programme shows that the Centre Region got 481 classrooms, Littoral, 195, West, 163, South West, 110 and South 112. On the other hand, the Far North Region received 74 classrooms, North, 64, Adamawa, 66, East, 66 and North West, 202.
Teachers Trade Unions Want GCE Board Called Anglophone Exam Board Three teachers trade unions have launched a campaign for a change of name from Cameroon General Certificate of Education, GCE Examinations Board, to Cameroon Anglophone Examinations Board. This change of name, the trade unions say, will enable the Board to take full charge of exams in the Basic Education and other sectors within the Anglophone Sub System of Education.
GCE Board registrar promises hell for exam fraudsters Sir Ekema Humphrey Monono, Registrar of the Cameroon GCE Board has promised to let lose hell on teachers, students and schools that will be caught in the dragnet of examination malpractices.
Who Leaked This Year’s GCE exams? The 2015 session of examinations organised by the Cameroon General Certificate of Education (GCE) Board wrapped up last Thursday amidst strong allegations that the exams were leaked. A few months before the exams, the Registrar of the GCE Board issued a public statement cautioning Cameroonians about some fake GCE questions which were being circulated and warning candidates to steer clear from such.
2015 Cameroon GCE Examinations to begin on May 5 Registrar dismisses claim payment of 2014 examiners' dues now is to pre-empt strike action
MINEDUB: 3060 teachers to be recruited in 2015 The Minister of Basic Education, Yusuf Hadidja Alim has announced the recruitment of 3060 teachers and the construction of 1300 classrooms in 2015.
Irate Anglophone Teachers Hold Exam Chief Hostage – Francophones teachers get paid 3500frs, Anglophones get 3000frs A group of basic education teachers of the Anglo-Saxon sub-system in Yaounde held the chief of center for the First School Leaving Certificate, FSLC, examination at GBPS Biyem Assi, Yaounde, alongside five secretariat workers hostage for hours over what they described as pay discrimination. The chief of center, a certain Hannah, and her five assistant officials as well as piles of answer scripts were all locked up for over 3hours, Wednesday June 10. According to the protesting teachers, their decision to lock up the officials came against the backdrop of a “paltry” allowance given them after invigilating the FSLC exams which ran through June 9 to June 10.
Primary School 2015 Common Entrance Results Released Pupils seeking admission into secondary schools in the country now know their fate. The results of the 2015 Common Entrance Examination into grammar schools in most regions in the country are now available. In the South West, they were published over the weekend, with a 88.1 per cent performance, compared to 88.06 per cent in 2014.
180,236 Candidates Begin GCE Exams Secondary school students of the English subsystem of education have started the written part of the 2015 edition of the General Certificate of Education (GCE) in Cameroon. The exams opened this morning with candidates answering questions in Economics.
7 Simple Steps to Maintain Classroom Culture Many schools across the country just completed their last major break of the year, which means it is one mad dash to the finish line
History Of Cameroon Education Two separate systems of education were used in Cameroon after independence: East Cameroon’s system was based on the French model and West Cameroon’s on the British model. At the time, the architects of independence perceived the policy as a symbol of national integration between West and East Cameroon. The two systems were merged by 1976, but studies suggest the two systems still didn’t blend.
Top 10 G.C.E performing Secondary Schools in Cameroon This overall classification takes into account the following factors: 1) the number of students who sat the exam (2) the overall pass rate (3) the proportion of students who passed in 10 and 11 subjects at the Ordinary level (4) the proportion of students who passed in 4 and 5 subjects at the Advanced level .
9,000 PTA teachers to be integrated into gov't teachers' scheme