The Cameroon General Certification Examination-GCE Board has released the results of last June 2015 session. According to the published statistics, GCE Ordinary Level recorded a better performance scoring 44.93% as compared to 34.41% recorded in 2014 session.  On the other hand, the GCE Advanced Level, dropped from 63.98 per cent success down to 60.41 per cent this year. 12 schools scored a 100% in A Level while 17 scored a 100%.  For the GCE Technical results, we do not have the statistics. However, the Registrar of the GCE Board, Humphrey Ekema Monono is still expected to clear the air on widespread allegations that the GCE leaked this year in all centres around the country given that the number of schools suspended have increased. However, the mode of accessing to results just like last year is through Mobile Telephone companies. This is done by texting  (SMS) consisting of candidate’s centre number and candidate's number and name.