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What is HomeSchooling?

Home schooling occurs when parents take charge of their children’s education by organizing subjects, teaching lessons or arranging for tutors to help with class work or home work, evaluating progress, and supervising social contacts. Home school parents believe that one-on-one attention and individualized study produce the best education possible. (Many also think that peer groups are NOT necessarily the best “socializing agent” for their children.)

Full-time home schooling as a replacement for classroom education is legal in all many countries, and home schooled children consistently score very highly on standardized school examinations and other measures of academic performance like the  common Entrance examination, first school leaving certificate and the GCE both ordinary level and the advance level examinations. Home schooling is no longer a fringe movement; recent surveys suggest that low percentage scores in Cameroon National examination are due to absent of one on one home schooling.  Although many home school families are two-parent households with one breadwinner and one stay-at-home parent, many other families arrange home schooling around dual careers, single-parent schedules, and other less traditional arrangements.

Thousands of families also use home schooling resources and techniques to supplement or partially replace a traditional school environment. These “after schoolers” recognize that parents are ultimately in charge of a child’s education, and choose to work with teachers and school systems to provide the best education possible.

Questions for Parents who are seeking to hire a Camedus home tutor are as follows:

What is Camedus home tutors?

 Home tutor are respectable undergraduates/graduates, experienced teacher that teach/coach your children at the comfort of your homes. Over time, statistics reveal that students that have 1-1 sessions with their teacher perform 80% better than students without.

Why work with Camedus instead of getting a tutor myself?

At Camedus, we have access to more than 1000 tutors in different specialties or subject areas and locations across most big cities or towns across Cameroon already registered  with us.  This makes it possible for us to match your child’s need  with the very best of the best tutors without any stress to you. We try to work with your budget and make the entire process as stress free and flexible as possible. Also in the event where you need to make a drastic change such as changing location, changing the tutor (for whatever reason) or changing the subjects being taught by the tutor.

How do you operate?

Three easy steps

  1. The client/parent is required to fill our online form at our contact page which helps us collect all the important information about the student that we need to match them to a highly suitable tutor.
  2. We Search our database for tutors who suit your preference and required skill set.
  3. Handle all negotiations with the tutors and send the most suitable tutor to you.


What ages/classes do you work with?

We work with students from ages 4 upwards. However, for any child between 4 to 8 years we require that a nanny or guardian must be present with the child at all times while the tutor is teaching/coaching the child. This is because our tutors ARE NOT NANNIES and are not responsible for feeding the child, washing clothes etc.

How do you charge and what are the rates?

We charge based on a number of factors including:

  1. How specialized is the knowledge or skill set that is to be taught?
  2. How many people (kids) is the tutor expected to handle?
  3. How often is the tutor expected to come and how many hours each session expected to take?
  4. Distance between the tutor and the client / residence.
  5. The level of experience that the client requires the tutor to have
  6. The age of the child.

To determine our exact rates for your request, feel free to fill the tutor request form first and an agent would contact you with price details 

What if the fee is beyond my budget?

We do our best to ensure that we are able to work within reasonable budgets (usually below30,000 frs  per month) and since we work with such a large number of tutors we are always able to find tutors within your budget.

How flexible are the arrangements?

The arrangements are extremely flexible and can be changed based on further conversation between client and tutor. In cases where the new arrangements by a client are no longer  favourable for the tutor we are able to find a new tutor for the client with no extra charge if given at least a one month notice of the change.

Would the tutor steal from my house, how do I know he/she is a responsible individual?

The home is a very sacred place and we take extra precautions to ensure that our tutors are not only highly responsible but in a case of any reported issues we are able to track them. Camedus handles the cost of elaborate due diligence on the tutor

How many tutors can I get from my children?

As many as you want. However we generally advise not to have more than 2 tutors for one child except in cases where the child is learning several specialized knowledge subjects.

How often will the tutor come?

Schedules and length of classes are arranged based on client  preferences

Do you have tutors for skilled / specialized subjects?

Yes we do. For subjects such as French, English, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, keyboard learning, programming and website design, driving etc.

What happens in cases of change in location, or if one of the children goes to boarding house?

As long as we are notified at least 1 month  to 2 month early, we are able to handle any drastic changes with minimal cost to the client

How can I get a discount?

We give discounts of between 10%  to 20% for clients who pay up front of  4 months or more.

Under what circumstances do I get a refund?

We make refunds for services not rendered, in other words if a parent already paid an upfront and for any reason the service of a tutor is discontinued or no longer required we will return the client’s money. However in cases where the discontinuity comes from the client, we require the notice of 2 month.

What else do I stand to gain by working with Camedus?

Flexibility, accountability, no price haggling, easy replacement of tutors, security of your home since the tutor comes from us. free tutoring hours (yes you can win free tutoring hours) and much more

Where are we located?

We are Located at 6812 Buchanan st., Hyattsville, MD 20784,  U.S.A, and our branch office in Mbenqwi, Cameroon. You can also contact us through our contact page.

Questions for University or High school graduate seeking to become a Camedus home tutor

How can I become  a Camedus Home school tutor?


What are the qualifications needed?

The qualifications needed vary based on subject, we however place more emphasis on proficiency especially in the case of special / skill required courses. University Graduates, Some high school graduates , ENS graduates, and Grade one teacher’s training graduates.

What are the working hours?

The working hours depends on the requirements of the client. In general we are very flexible and classes last an average of 3 hours


How long does it take to start working with a client?

This varies largely depending on how sought the tutors skill sets are and also when demand in certain subject areas is very high.

How much will I get paid?

This varies on a variety of factors but on average our tutors earn between 30,000frs  to100,000 frs and even more per month depending on several factors.

What can I do to make myself more desirable as a tutor?

The more subject you can teach the more sought after you are likely to be. However we warn strongly against claiming proficiency where you have none and also be mindful that all credentials will be verify and extensive criminal background checks will also be conducted on all of our home tutors before hiring them.

Questions for users seeking to practice G.C.E exam prep online examination review questions for the forthcoming G.C.E examinations

What is G.C.E Exam Prep?

Camedus exams prep is an online platform for students to prepare for both G.C.E Ordinary and Advance level exams. We have a large database of Great G.C.E exams preparatory questions (over 5,000) with very detailed answers categorized according to the corresponding standard examination syllabus.
Users can decide to either simulate the computer based test experience or study guide which conveniently displays questions  for them practice answering the questions.  

How do I use G.C.E exam prep?

In order to use Camedus online review questions, users would have to buy pins from our partners or make a payment in person by using one of our offices or through the schools where users will be issue a pin number to access our online datatbase of review questions.,  With this pin, users can log into exam review questions, click on the register button, enter the pin and examination details and you would be automatically logged in. Alternatively, you can buy online with your atm card if possible.

How long does my time last on G.C.E exam prep?

Once a user is logged in, he can use our platform depending on the total number of hours he buys from our distribution center.

Where can I get G.C.E exam prep pins?

Pins are readily available at our partner cyber cafes, bookstores, G.C.E school centers, and our offices. See distribution  center list.

Can I transfer my PIN?

NO because PINs on our platform are non-transferrable. Users cannot buy the PIN, use for a while and then give another user.

Can I use G.C.E Exam prep to practice for other examination?


Can I access G.C.E exam prep through my phone?

Yes. G.C.E Exam Prep is optimized for mobile and as we expand we will gradually roll out apps to help enhance the user experience of mobile phone users.

Am I 100% guaranteed to pass my G.C.E exam?

Based on the quality of the questions or material provided, we are certain that customers who use our solution according to the G.C.E exam Prep guide are sure to perform very well with the G.C.E exams and with good grades for both the Ordinary and advance level respectively with distinction .  
However we do not work with G.C.E Board and are not involved with the setting, scoring and marking of the examination processes, as such any student who fails to meet this expectation after diligently using our solutions, concentrating on the recommended topics and studying for the number of hours recommended for that individual and in general abiding by the advice provided by the platform can request for a refund. Students are advice to follow the study guide suggestions that we have on our website in order  that they will perform well in the exam. The secret to passing any examination is constant reading and practice. No other magic can make you pass G.C.E exams if you do not read your notes in class before practicing your G.C.E exam prep questions daily.

Does or can G.C.E exam Prep  provide me with expo for G.C.E actual exam?

NO, G.C.E exam Prep does not and will never involve itself or be involved with any activity that in any way compromises the standards of G.C.E actual exam. We do not provide expos of any kind  but our  platform only provide an opportunity for  students to practice our quality examination review questions that will not only  help them to prepare  and pass the G.C.E exam but also to make them score high grades in their exam.


Is G.C.E exam Prep  directly associated with  G.C.E board or any examination body?

No, G.C.E  exam Prep is not associated  with G.C.E Board nor  any external  or internal examination body

How can a school or any external or internal institution partner with Camedus G.C.E Exam Prep?

In orders to be part of the Camedus G.C.E exam Prep team as a distribution center, kindly  fill out our partnership request information form below and send to us and someone from our office will contact you for immediate consideration. or you can go to our contact page and send to us a message.