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Easy Steps to Get You Started With Your Admission into Any Cameroon school Today!

Students are accepted in good faith in academic programs on the basis of the certification they provide to meet admissions criteria

  • At Camedus, we believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to receive a quality education. That’s why we created an open admissions procedure that allows students to  apply for admission into any Cameroonian school online using the online application into secondary or high school at anytime, from anywhere, and any device. Each school has their minimal admissions requirements, so there’s no waiting and no anxiety. Applying for admission into any Cameroon school of your choice is fast and easy. Get started on building a better future today.
  • Before you apply for admission into any school using the Camedus online school community, it is better to check the individual school websites and compare their G.C.E result performances or statistics over the years, the availability of good infrastructure, science laboritory, school library, and other data that is very significant  to your education. After you have checked all the schools and finally decided to apply for admission, you can then take the next step in applying for your admission using the online adimission form that is provided.


Three steps that you can use to apply for admission into Cameroon schools are as follows:

1. Apply Online

  • The quickest and easiest way to enroll is online. Simply click the “Apply Now” button from any page on our website and complete the enrollment form. After you submit the form, you will receive a welcome email  stating that your online application has been sent to the principal of the school that you have applied to. The principal will review your application and send to you an acceptance or offer of admission email which will give you further instruction on the next steps to take for your registration and schedule of classes.

2 .Apply by Phone

  • If you would like to speak with a school representative, you can call an Admissions Specialist for that school who will answer any questions that you may have and will be able to walk you through the enrollment process or direct you to speak with the principal of that school.

3. Apply by walk in

This is the old and traditional way of enrollment where student drive long distances to go to the individual school just to look for admission instead of doing it online to cut down cost and time. This type of enrollment is good only for people who live near the school location but for someone to drive over long distances with virtually bad roads and weather just to look for in person admission is really difficult especially if you do not have assurances that they admission will be granted to you.


  • Admission Requirements
  • Secondary  School

To enroll into Cameroon Secondary Schools, students must have completed class six in primary school with a pass in Government Common Entrance list “A” and first school leaving certificate.

  • High School

All  high school students are required to have a passing score of at least four  or more subjects in G.C.E Ordinary level  examination with good grades or G.C.E Equivalency Certificate to enroll into High school.

  • That's it!
  • To get started, go to the  individual school website and apply now online for it is fast, quick and convenient to everyone including the principals.

Affordable Tuition

Cameroon mission and private schools help you get an education at a price you can afford. We even accept a range of payment methods. Government schools or Cameroon public schools charge very minimal tuition and a PTA fees during registration which is also minimal as compare to other countries.

Pay your tuition or PTA fees online

The best and most convenient way to pay your tuition and PTA fees online where students will use one of our payment method to pay their school fees directly to the school account. An email will be sent instantly to the student who made the payment, the school principal and the school secretary to notifying them about the payment details. This online payment option will insure transparency in that three parties are instantly notify of any payment made to the school account from students and that parents or students from long distant places can pay their tuition directly into the individual school account without letting money changes hands as they carry the physical money around. Sometime, it is very risky carrying money around for fear of being stolen.

Payment Plans

Whether students want to pay their tuition in one payment, set up an automatic payment plan, or pay in person, Camedus has created a plan that works. Whatever you choose, your tuition will include all learning materials and academic support from the individual school. Go to the individual school webssites and make your payment.


Payment Methods

Visa Discover Card MasterCard American Express PayPal

  • Visa, Discover, MasterCard or American Express
  • PayPal
  • Checks
  • Money orders
  • Authorized automatic withdrawals from checking and savings accounts from U.S. banks