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Camedus Frequently Asked Questions and Answers


  • What is Camedus?

Cameroon Educational System( CAMEDUS) is a complete online school community resource that teachers, administrators and school staff can visit each day to find high-quality and in-depth original content about the Cameroon school system, the various schools and places where the schools are location. We update the site daily, offering:

  • Carefully curated news briefs on topics that matter to educators;
  • Lesson plans, printable, worksheets and thousands of other classroom-ready resources;
  • Camedus Tech tips and ideas as well as reviews of online chats/text and talk apps, websites and tech products; and
  • A huge library of professional development articles and columns.
  • Each of our school Administrators will have access to school resources where they can updates their school homepages on their own without involving Camedus Tech Team.


  • How do I use Camedus?

In order to use Camedus, users must have access to internet in order to connect to www.camedus.com to access the Cameroon Educational System school Community anytime, anywhere and with any devices.