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Schools at a Glance

Schools at a Glance provides, in a single school individual website, information about enrollment, G.C.E results, staffing, facilities, programs, outcome measures,funding and personnel costs for each school. Personnel costs include position salaries for PTA Teachers and supporting services employees and employee benefits costs related to positions.

School Hot Topics


History of School

A brief history of the school creation, school location and population of the school.

School News

PTA News

Community News

School Videos

Videos from some of the leaders of the school detailing some of the issues and challenges that they school is facing including infrastructure, classroom size, toilet facilitate, teachers and school equipment. It is always nice to hear from the people directly affected by the school since they are at the front line so that the school community at large can understand the issues facing the schools and

School Science Laboratory and School library

Availability and proper functioning of school science laboratory and School library.


Community Support Project 

These are communities projects that are sponsored by the members of the communities and cultural groups that are making great strife to rebuild their communities to encourage positive development. Some of these community projects may include roads, water project, school buildings, health centers, sanitation facilities and housing for the teachers and students. Camedus is very determine to build trust within Community leaders and the people they represent as all developmental projects will be posted online for others especially the people contributing to these community projects to see for themselves.

PTA Project and Challenges

This areas will detail PTA completed projects, PTA current projects and  PTA future projects. Camedus want to encourage accountability on the part of the school administration and the PTA for whatever contribution that parents are making to fund the schools should be posted online for others to see for themselves most especially the elites of the communities both home and abroad.

Community Infrastructures like

  • Road conditions,
  • Affordable housing for students and school administrators.
  • Health services to serve school population and community residents.
  • Sanitation facilities.

Community leadership

This section clearly describe the community leadership of the school community like the Fons or Chiefs with their executive bodies and other important personalities in the school community that are making positive contributions to community. This will also include cultural and development associations executive board chairperson and their ranking members. The communities are glad to know who are the people supporting developmental projects in the community.

Enrollment or admission, Donating to school, and paying of school tuition

This section clearly describe the online version of looking for admission into any school that you prefer. Students will go to the school website and learn more about the school and the community before deciding to apply to the school online. This method is the one of the best because student admission will be based on the G.C.E performance for secondary or high schools and primary school Common entrance examination instead of the old fashion way where students and parents will have to traditionally drive to the schools to see the principals in person to look for admission. With camedus online school community, everything concerning admission or school enrollment, paying of your school fees or donating money to any school of your choice is properly handle online. There is an online admission form under each school’s website for the students to complete with their G.C.E results. Admission consideration notices will be send to the students using their emails to get ready for the next phase of registration and admission process.