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School Support and Improvement Framework

The School Support and Improvement Framework is a tool used to identify and understand the strengths and needs in each of Cameroon individual schools. The School Support and improvement framework identifies and monitors the conditions of success for each school and school community around seven key areas—Leadership, infrastructure, teachers, Equipment, Implementation, Perceptual, and Student Outcomes. This tool also serves as an integral part of the school improvement process. Using the robust, diverse set of data collected from the school Administrator, Students, PTA, and the community leaders in the framework, school-based leaders and personnels from the various ministries like ministry of Basic Education, Ministry of Secondary Education and ministry of Higher education. Camedus office administrators are able to work together to develop customized improvement plans and identify the necessary supports each school needs. Each school has it’s own individual homepage or website that only carry specific or unique information about that particular school and the school community which in part is based on the specific information or data that is collected from the individual school.